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Everything you should know on NodeJS Node.js tutorials provide video tutorials, that help us to learn new software, create, and get business skills. They now start a series on node.js video tutorials. Watch them now!

Understanding Node

This Node.js tutorial introduces Node, the open-source tool that enables you to write full web applications entirely in JavaScript, and highlights its basic features.

This tutorial is just a single movie from the first chapter of the Node.js First Look course presented by author Joseph LeBlanc. The complete course is 2 hours long, and guides you through installing Node.js for the first time, as well as installing Node modules through NPM and writing command-line scripts.

Node.js First Look table of contents: Introduction

  1. Installing Node
  2. Getting Started
  3. Modules
  4. Command Line Scripts
  5. Creating Web Servers
  6. Frameworks
  7. WebSocket Programming
  8. Connecting Beyond Node Conclusion

What are WebSockets?

This Node.js tutorial explains how to use WebSockets, a feature that makes it possible to add chat rooms, notifications, and other real-time features of a site, with Node.

Validating JavaScript code

This Node.js tutorial shows how to use the JSHint link checker to detect potential problems with your JavaScript code.

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August 28, 2012

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