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Build Javascript HTML5 Game from scratch
San Francisco HTML5/Javascript conference

Kyle Simpson gave a talk on building Javascript HTML5 Games. He show how he makes We Puzzle It!, a multi-player game that serves as a PoC demo for various advanced HTML5 Javascript APIs, and of cause Node.JS!

Are you tired of little toy examples for individual HTML5/JS features? Kyle Simpson is. So he set out to create a single app that weaves together all the most powerful JavaScript features of HTML5 (and friends!). What he built is a real-time, multi-player, cooperative/competitive game called “We Puzzle It!”.

This talk will show the code and motivations behind the game, illustrating practical uses for the various advanced HTML5 JavaScript APIs, Canvas, Drag & Drop, including WebSocket and using nodejs!

We Puzzle It! on GitHUB

May 27, 2012

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