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Ruby to build Node.js RaspberryPI

Nodejs since Node 0.8.17 provide an ARM/RaspberryPI Node.js tar.gz, but let’s figure out how fun it could be using Ruby to build Node.js Linux Debian Raspbian .deb and others ARM architectures!

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Node.js Debian package for ARMv5 is a self hosted platform on Seagate DockStar … I’ll be pleased to have somebody compiling and providing a Debian .deb for node.js armel! Anyway I’ll do it by myself.

Read more Node.js tutorials provide video tutorials, that help us to learn new software, create, and get business skills. They now start a series on node.js video tutorials. Watch them now!

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Node.js performance 0.8 vs 0.6.19

Node.js unveiled the new stable version of Node.js v0.8. In the changelog on the blog they provide few performance benchmarks, and compare Nodejs new version with the previous one! Here are performance graphs!

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